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About Nutritious Catering
Good and nutritious food means a great deal in Total Control of the Epidemics. Good and nutritious food helps boosting the immune system, strengthens the body and keeps the spirit up.

It is with great pleasure that I acquaint you and introduce you to the professional services of Nutritious Catering Services (NCS). Founder, Richard Andrews created Nutritious Catering three years ago out of a desire to provide well-balanced lunches served in a way that is fun for traditional and non-traditional school children. Along with providing fun and delicious meals, our knowledgeable management team guarantees to operate a first-class school food service program for your school. We are a smaller company, which means more personal attention.

Nutritious Catering is uniquely qualified to provide delicious catered meals in a timely cost-efficient manner. Our staff understands the policies and procedures of the United States Department of Agriculture and National School Lunch/Breakfast Program. The staff at Nutritious Catering Service is experienced, reliable, and professional. We are fully insured with all the permits and licenses required to operate a hot lunch program for Texas school age children. Our 2000 sq foot facility is located in Southeast Houston, at 7401 Cullen Blvd. @ 610.

4987 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Houston, TX 77021
(713) 884-0380